About this Farmington Friends Site

Just in the beginning stages of getting Scorpio Tales Friends up and running.

Plan to have a Membership Page and if you would like to have contact information included with your name, just send to me (address, telephone, e-mail).

It is another way of staying connected and who knows? perhaps a Farmington friend has been searching for you and didn’t know how to contact you.

Although I have had my Silly Blogs for about four years now, I’ve never administered a blog that is private. And, Scorpio Tales Friends will be private – only those who receive invitations will have access. And, I’m hoping that everyone who was on the Print Mailing List will wish to be included.

Have not yet mailed a letter to everyone on the list but am working on it (ah – the story of my life: “I’m working on it.”).

In the meantime, if you know of a Farmington friend who would like to view Scorpio Tales online, by all means, give them my e-mail address.

Welcome Farmington Friends!!

My e-mail address is:



631 Royal Sage DriveSeguin, Texas 78155-5217


5 thoughts on “About this Farmington Friends Site”

      1. Sorry you (and some others) have had problems. WordPress may be a little different as a Private site. I’ll try to keep the blog updated and hope to have a Friends Directory soon (sooner or later . . .).

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